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Agricultural Economics – 1941-1975.

Milt Ward fonds
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Milt Ward fonds
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textual records
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1 cm of textual records
Scope and Content
This file consists of: Look! Read! Learn! Report to its Members on Wheat Policy, published by Inter-Provincial Farmers' Union Council [ca. 1945]; The Case Against the Speculative Marketing of Grain by Leonard D. Nesbitt, published by the Alberta Wheat Pool (1952); Canadian Farm Problems: What Should We Do About It?, published by the Canadian Association for Adult Education, (March 1941); Submission by the National Farmers Union to the Government of Canada, (March 1965); Agricultural Problems and Price-Support Programs, a speech by W.I. Myers delivered at the 46th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Animal Production and an attached covering letter from an executive of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, (1954); Review of Economic Conditions and the Farmers' Position, a paper by Dr. E.C. Hope delivered to the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, (1951); A Short History of the Hudson Bay Route, the Seaport of Churchill and the Hudson Bay Route Association, authorized by The Hudson Bay Route Association, (1966); and, The Railway and Grain: Moving Grain, A series of articles dealing with the Grain Transportation System in Canada, reprinted from CP Rail News, (1975) and an attached covering letter from Karl __.
MIlt Ward
Ward, Milt
Inter-Provincial Farmers' Union
Alberta Wheat Pool
National Farmers Union
Canadian Association for Adult Education
Canadian Federation of Agriculture
Hudson Bay Route Association
Canadian Pacific Railway
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UF 2003.0081.69
UF 2003.0081.71
UF 2003.0081.91
UF 2003.0081.95
UF 2003.0081.103
UF 2003.0081.105
UF 2003.0081.115
UF 2003.0081.144
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